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Why Would You Say That?

Good Morning, Friends,

So it’s Monday again; rainy here in the South, and I was up at 5:00 a.m. unable to sleep, mainly due to another freakin’ respiratory infection and coughing that I can’t seem to shake.  But I digress…

I came down the stairs this morning and turned on the coffee pot and as I’m waiting for the pot to fill just enough for me to pour my first cup, I begin my morning ritual of perusing Facebook, Twitter, etc.,just to see if I missed anything important while I was sleeping – or trying to anyway.  Something I saw really made me angry and once again question the decency of people, so of course I have to use this opportunity to add my two cents worth.

Does anyone out there ever use Tumblr?  I’m not a huge fan – I think it’s an “Instagram wannabe” but nevertheless, I check it out from time to time.  On many of the social networks that I use, I follow quite a few anxiety/depression support groups, mainly because every once in a while I will see a quote or analogy that will put a smile on my face, or help me find some answers to whatever is going on in my life at the time.  Plus, it’s a great way to help others who may be going through some of the same issues you are.  What many people don’t understand – or they do and they just don’t care – is that there are real people on the other side of the comments posted.  Some are even asking for help or encouragement just to get through another day.

This morning, I was scrolling through Tumblr and as usual, recommendations for followers popped up on my feed.  As I’m glancing through them, I see one particular individual’s page that frightened me.  The page was all black and the cover photo was something like, “Life would be so much better if I wasn’t here.”  I looked at the page and it was filled with quotes about death, sadness and anger; he/she was begging strangers to give her/him a reason to live.  It was heartbreaking.  Those who took the time to respond were kind, encouraging and comforting – providing phone numbers to support hotlines, or sharing their own stories of times they found themselves in a dark hole but managed to pull themselves out.  However, the scrolling stopped when I saw the post shown in the picture below:



WTF??!!!  What an insensitive ass!  Are you really so insecure that you have to attack people you don’t even know? Is your self-esteem so far in the toilet that you have to tear other people down?  Don’t you realize that this individual may not have anyone they can talk to and is using this forum for support?  I am so angry and disgusted with this individual right now and I feel sorry for the person that had to read this horrible rant by a dipshit who obviously has no soul.  Come on people…grow up and treat people how you want to be treated. What if someone said the same things to your mother or sister or wife? Or father, or brother or husband? How would that make you feel? Is it really that difficult to be kind on-line and post comments with class?

Last year, I published a post entitled, “Did the Internet Kill Kindness & Tact for Good?” and after seeing the above, I think the lesson included in my prior post bears repeating:

For those of you that need a lesson in online etiquette, remember the following:
• Do not post anything you would not want said to you
• There are real people on the other end of that keyboard, so remember their feelings
• If you do not agree with someone, do not respond right away. Step away and come back to it.
• There is no need for name-calling. You are supposedly an adult and should know a better way to get your point across.
• If you can’t do any of the above, then keep your comments to yourself.

Let me say this to the individual asking for help: DO NOT let the insensitive ramblings of one idiot who does not know you lead you to do something you – and those that love you – will regret.  There are good people in the world, there is help available and life – no matter how difficult it can get – is worth living.

To the asshole who made the conscious choice to write the CRAP response that you did:  You are a poor excuse for a human being.  If your only joy in life comes from hurting and berating people you don’t know, I have to wonder how you treat those in your life you claim to love.

I could go on and on for hours about this, but I will stop here – mainly because I choose to be the mature one and not stoop any further to this jerk’s level.  But let me leave you with one final thought:  Despite what our parents told us, WORDS can hurt – sometimes more than sticks and stones.  The cuts and bruises can heal, but WORDS can stay with a person forever.  Remember that the next time you choose to comment.


An Open Letter to Teens

Dear Current and Future Generations: As you grow into adulthood you will be faced with a lot of temptation, challenges, sadness and even the occasional happy day. You will make and lose friends and be the source of frustration and joy for your parents every day. Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes and trying to find your […]

via An Open Letter to Teens — My Journey In Pieces

Life is Like The Walking Dead

Yes, I freely and proudly admit it.  I am a Walking Dead junkie!  I am completely 100% addicted to the show and fortunately for me, there is NO CURE!  Friends turned me on to the show last year and after seeing a couple of episodes from Season 5, I was hooked.  I spent the following weekend binge watching the entire series on Netflix.  I got no sleep, drank and smoked too much, but hell – it was TOTALLY worth it. As Season 6 finished up last month and discussions and debates began about who Negan killed in that final scene, fans anxiously and impatiently await the opening scene of Season 7 to see who is laying broken and beaten at the hands of Lucille.

Since the finale aired, I have started at Season 1 again, watching and rewatching the stories of Rick, Carl, Hershel, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Carol and Daryl.  Every time a beloved character dies, I cry like a baby and yell at the television like it can actually hear me.  I curse Terminus, The Governor, the Wolves, and even Morgan at times hoping he will eventually “man up” and do what has to be done. Unfortunately, it always ends the same way – Hershel and Beth still die; Terminus is still a body factory; The Governor is still a sadistic prick; the Wolves still attack Alexandria; and Morgan still refuses to kill – although he did take baby steps in the last season.

After my constant binge-watching, I started to think about how the characters in this show and the zombie apocalypse they are fighting mirror life and those we choose to let in.  We all face our own zombies on a daily basis – figuratively speaking of course – and it is those people beside us that help us fight our battles.  We may not always be successful, but we fight and care for each other always because they are our family and we will fight to the bitter end to save one or all.    With that said, let me share a bit with you about my Walking Dead crew and why, when I need saving, they are always there:

My Walking Dead Crew

  • Rick – Definitely, the Rick in my crew is my dad.  Poppy was the protector in my life and while I may not have agreed with everything he did to keep me safe, I soon realized he did his best with what he knew at the time.  He taught me to fight the bullies, and everything he did or said was because he loved me and wanted to prepare me for a life without him.
  • Carol – Mom is my Carol.  When I was younger (and stupid), I saw my mom as shy and weak.  She was someone who didn’t speak up and went along with whatever everyone wanted.  But as I grew, I began to see her as the strong, incredible woman she really was.  Her entry into this world and childhood were not easy, but she became the wife that my dad loved more than life itself, and the mother of two kids who cherish and miss her every day.  She was stronger than I (or anyone) gave her credit for; she fought for what she wanted and like my dad, tried to protect me from the harsh realities of the world.
  • Maggie – Without a doubt, the Maggie in my crew is my friend Michelle.  When I first met her, we did not get along at all.  Like me, she was very protective of her heart and letting people in, so we had that in common.  But once I got to know her, I realized that the heart she protects is kind, generous and loving.  Like Maggie, she is the voice of reason when life turns to shit and chaos erupts all around me.  She has the positive spirit that is sorely lacking in the world today and is constantly reminding me that it will all work out in the end.
  • Michonne – The Michonne in my life has to be my friend Elsa.  When we were in high school, she was always the one who came to my rescue.  She fought off bullies, helped me in class, and told me to “get over myself” whenever I acted like a brat (trust me – I acted like a brat alot!)  She was always there to keep my reality in check and for that I am thankful.
  • Glenn – My friend Warren reminds me of Glenn.  A hard worker, although quiet until you get to know him, he is the first to step up and is always ready to lend a hand when needed.  I have relied on him a lot since my folks passed and he has helped me immensely whenever something needs fixing at the house.  He’s a great friend to me and I truly appreciate his kindness.
  • Tara – In my crew, my friend Debbie is my Tara.  What I like most about Tara is her ability to see the good in people no matter what they do, and that quality is abundant in Debbie’s personality.  When Tara and Glenn were in the tunnel in Season 4 while looking for Maggie, and Tara got her foot caught in the rubble, she begged Glenn to go.  She was willing to sacrifice herself for Glenn’s happiness.  Deb is a lot like that; she is genuine in her feelings and when she loves you, it is for life.  She will fight for you, guide you and hope that you learn to love the person you become.  I honestly don’t know what my life would have been like without her.
  • Carl – I think the Carl in my life is Kelsey.  Similar to the growth of Carl on the show, I have watched Kelsey grow from a sweet little girl into an even sweeter, strong, beautiful woman.  A college graduate and wife now, she is a fighter – strong-willed, smart, loving, and every time I see her, I amazed at the woman she is today.

So who am I you may ask.  This is a hard one for me, but I think in The Walking Dead of Life, I am most like Daryl.  Throughout the show, Daryl has not been quick to trust.  In the beginning he tried to survive on his own and did what he wanted at the expense of others,; however, he soon realized that the strength of others is vital to survival.  It took me a very long time to learn this lesson.


We are all confronted with our own battles on a daily basis – hate, uncertainty, heartbreak, self-esteem, depression, fear, anger….the list goes on and on.  But it is those people in our life who give us the strength we need and help us fight the demons one at a time.  I am blessed to have so many people who love and care about me and are willing to help me fight when I need it.

There are so many other people in my life that I want to mention and who will always be a part of my crew, but I have to stop here because if I keep going I won’t get any other work done today.  But before I go, let me leave you with this one thought….Take a look at the people in your own life and how they have shaped the person you are today. Who is your Rick? Michonne? Maggie?  Do you have a Hershel or Eugene or a Daryl in your life?  Please feel free to take a moment and respond with your comments.  I would love to hear from you.



Social Media – The New Ad Campaign

Hello Friends!

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Twitter Logo 3

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Thanks for your continued encouragement and I’ll see you on the web!!




Liebster Award for Stinkerbell Says!


A special shout-out and thank you to Bianca at Lifeatture for the nomination!

I am honored and it means a lot to me!  Thanks again!

 There are 11 questions I must to answer, then I will be sharing 11 facts about myself, and last, I will be nominating another 11 blogs to do the same!

 Questions for me from Bianca:

  1.  How long have you been blogging? I have been writing my whole life; however, I started blogging about 5 years ago. I was caring for both of my parents and my blog became an outlet for me.
  2. What made you pick the topic(s) you blog about? I blog about a lot of things and right now there is no set topic. When I started this particular blog it was intended to be a forum for sharing short stories and other creative writing works; but suddenly I was overwhelmed by ideas and thoughts about various things and eventually this blog represented a Hodge podge of thoughts and feelings on a day to day basis.
  3. Do you prefer the snow & cold weather or warm & sunny weather? Definitely warm and sunny weather. I can’t stand the cold and I would prefer to be standing in sand on a beach instead of snow in my front yard.
  4. What’s your ultimate goal in life? I would like to make my living blogging and writing for the rest of my life. It’s what makes me happy and there are times I am surprised at the thoughts roiling around in my head.
  5. If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be? Either Hawaii or Australia. I would love to visit both.
  6. What are your hobbies? Writing, music, reading, concert-hopping in the summer
  7. What’s the last book you read? I used to have several books going at one time; however the last book I read was The Orphaned Adult: Understanding and Coping With Grief And Change After The Death Of Our Parents by Alexander Levy.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had the desire in the last few months to read as much as I used to but I’m getting there.
  8. What couldn’t you live without? My friends, family and my cats
  9. Which is your favorite social media: Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? I’m a social media junkie and Facebook was always my “go to” page; however, lately I’ve really gotten involved with Twitter.
  10. What’s your favorite animal? – Cat – I have 2!
  11. Favorite movie of all time? I love old movies and I think my favorite movie of all time is a toss-up between Imitation of Life (the remake –not the original) starring Lana Turner and Sandra Dee and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner with Spencer Tracy and Kathryn Hepburn. I had to include the latter because Spencer Tracy’s final speech gives me the chills and makes me bawl like a baby.

11 Random Facts about Myself:

  1. I can be a bit OCD. I like things a certain way and in a certain order and sometimes I get on my own nerves!
  2. I was an extra in a made for HBO movie called Iron-Jawed Angels starring Hillary Swank and Patrick Dempsey. Although the concept was exciting, it is something I will never do again.
  3. I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout.
  4. My favorite car is a purple Volkswagen convertible with a white top. (I really really want one!)
  5. My mom took me to the television show Romper Room when I was a kid. I cried the whole time and spit up on the host.
  6. I am a Walking Dead junkie!
  7. I collect magnets and shot glasses (the latter to keep up my mom’s tradition)
  8. I lived in Boston, Mass for 2 years, but I am a southern girl at heart.
  9. I constantly make up quotes in my head and keep a list of them on my phone.
  10. I sucked as a high school student, but went to college later in life and graduated with honors, earning both my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees
  11. I never forget a face. Do you know how annoying it is to be watching something on television and recognize someone who played in a crowd scene on another show?  LOL

11 Blogs I nominate:

  1. ATURE
  2. A Beauty and Health Journey
  3. Joy’s Travel
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  6. Myrdessa
  7. Linda Ikeji’s Blog
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  10. Just Jalisa Dot Com
  11. A Fashionholic’s Life



If you were nominated: 11 Questions for the Nominees to answer. Remember, the 6 simple rules are above! Thanks and blog on! 🙂

  1. What is your favorite time of day?
  2. If you could be granted one wish, what would that be?
  3. Name 3 things you must have if you were stranded on a desert island?
  4. When it comes to cravings, do you prefer sweet or salty?
  5. What is your morning drink (if any) – coffee or tea?
  6. What is your favorite genre of television; i.e, drama, comedy, reality?
  7. How many photos are on your cell phone right now?
  8. What is one thing you want your readers to learn from your blog?
  9. What is your favorite song?
  10. What was the last concert you went to?
  11. Is there a habit or vice you have that you wish you could break? If so, what?


Now readers, I ask a favor of you, please check out all of the above blogs and drop a comment and subscribe to their blogs. I bet they would return the favor if you are also a blogger!



Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

They said the first year would be the hardest
But I’m not sure that’s true
It’s even harder this second year
Living each day without you.

I still look for you each morning
When I come down the stairs
I hear your voice each night
And I feel your loving care.

I hope you’re happy, Mom
And free from all the pain
Dancing with daddy on a cloud
No need for a walker or cane.

Please don’t worry, I’m okay
And doing the best I can
If you can hear me, know you’re loved
And one day we’ll walk hand in hand

Love Always,

Teapot – aka – your “little snapdragon”


Mom’s Obsession with Tim McGraw

How many of you are lucky enough to still have your Mothers with you?  Will you be spending Sunday with her, taking her to lunch or dinner and showing her how much you love her?  If your answer to both of these questions is yes, get down on your knees and thank God – or whomever it is you pray to.

Mother’s Day is especially difficult for me; mom passed away last year and although the first year without her was hard, this year is probably worse because of all the changes and drama going on in my life right now.  I really need her smile and her unending belief and faith in me that everything would be just fine. As a special tribute to my mom, I had to share my favorite memory of her.  No matter how I’m feeling, this story always puts a smile on my face.  But first…a little background.

I moved in with my folks – into the house I grew up in – about 11 years ago, mainly because their health was not good and they needed some financial help.  Dad had emphysema and COPD and was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  I lived upstairs but I always took care of them, making sure the bills were paid,  the grocery shopping was done, and ensuring they ate and took their meds.  We had a routine and it was good – it was comfortable.

Dad passed away in 2012 and after that Mom and I became inseparable.  I knew her health was not good either, but she was a stubborn lady.  Suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and congestive heart failure did not stop her at all.  She still drove, did things around the house while I was at work, and would go up to the local sub shop to get us subs for dinner.  (To this day, I can’t go in there).  She loved Facebook and playing the slots on the computer – she said the “F Word” alot when she lost – but she would spend hours in the office just playing away.

It wasn’t until late 2014 that she took a turn for the worse – she was in and out of the hospital  during that time and into early 2015 and although she was still as stubborn as always, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I lost her.  After her third trip to the hospital in as many weeks, I finally decided to bring her home.  She was terrified of dying in a hospital like daddy did and she had begged me not to let that happen to her.  I honored her wishes and I don’t regret it for one minute.

The last few weeks were difficult – but I knew she was still in there somewhere.  One story in particular I would like to share with you because it shows her sense of humor and her incredible spunk.  Those of you who know me personally have heard this story before, but it’s my favorite and worth sharing again.  (I must insert a disclaimer here – if vulgarity bothers you, it’s probably best if you stop reading now.)

Each night I helped mom get ready for bed.  She was able to walk with my help – even though she constantly apologized for bothering me – but that was her style.  She had been wearing pull-up diapers by this time and when she was ready to go to bed, I would walk her to the bathroom help her get her pull-up off and sit her on the toilet.  One particular night as she was on the toilet, she told me to leave her in there for for awhile and she would call me when she was ready.  I did as she asked and went to the kitchen to finish the dishes.

When she called, I went back into the bathroom to finish our nightly routine.  Now…this is the spunky part…keep reading and wait for it.  That night I was wearing my favorite gray sweats and a Tim McGraw concert shirt.  As I got back to the bathroom, I held out my arms to help mom get up.  She just looked at me and kept staring at my shirt. “Mom,” I asked, “are you okay?”  Without missing a beat, she looked up at me, pointed at my shirt and said, “I bet he has a big dick.”  My mouth dropped and I busted out laughing, “I don’t know, Mom…maybe.”


From that night on, her “wonder” about Tim McGraw is how I knew the mom I loved was still in there.  The last few days of her life she slept a lot and whenever she would wake up she would be disoriented and not know where she was.  I got in the habit of asking her a series of questions like “what year is it;” “who am I;” “who’s the president;” “when is your birthday.”  She would answer sleepily, but correctly, and the last question I would always ask her during these episodes would be, “And what does Tim McGraw have?”  Her eyes would open wide as she said, “A big dick!”

Mom passed in March of last year and I still see the look in her eyes as she said that.  She was so funny, and I miss that so much.  I still wear that shirt and think of her spunk every time I put it on.  To this day, when a Tim McGraw song comes on the radio, I know it is a message from her saying, “I love you, honey. Everything will be okay.”