Monthly Archives: April 2016

Be Your Own Smurf

Ever wonder why we dream the things we dream? The last few nights I have had many vivid dreams. Just a hodgepodge of bits and pieces stuff perhaps trying to tell me something about where I’m going or what I am doing. The other night while having this series  of flashbacks I was overwhelmed, like I was watching a dozen television shows at one time trying to keep up with the storyline in each one. Before I woke up the last thing I saw was very clear.

The scene went like this:  I saw a smurf – yes a smurf -standing in front of a rainbow. The sun was shining down on him – enveloping him – and the colors of the rainbow were reflecting off this little blue person. Amongst all the beauty, this sweet little smurf was standing in the middle of the rainbow, sun shining and he was flipping the bird. It was so vivid! It was like I was standing right in front of him.


For an explanation- and perhaps a dose of reality – I turned to my dear friend Michelle. “What do you think it means?” I asked her. Her answer was so clear and made so much sense.

“Maybe fuck what everyone else (finger) thinks.  You are gonna be happy (sunshine) and chase your dreams (rainbow). And maybe you are a smurf because you are the little one of our  group? Or because smurfs are who they are (happy smurf) (grumpy smurf) and you just wanna be who you are.”

So simple and yet so complicated.  We’re all still figuring out who we are – every day.  If you say you’re not then you’re lying to yourself.   But I’m thankful for my friends who help me find my way when I’m lost and shine a light when when I am down. They love me when I’m happy, sad, bitchy, snarky, hungry and all the smurfs rolled into one.

Whoever I am today, I know I wouldn’t be me without them.