Who is Stinkerbell?

Welcome to my blog!!  I know…you’re probably wondering where the name “Stinkerbell” came from.   May sound silly, I know, but I’ve had the nickname for over 25 years and for some reason, it stuck.

Stinkerbell was born as the result of an affectionate name given by my best friend Elsa.  We were in our 20s, sitting in my apartment watching Sisters…you remember, that television show starring Sela Ward, Patricia Kalember, Swoosie Kurtz and Julianne Nichols.  That was one our favorite shows and Sela Ward’s character Teddy, used to call Julianne Nichol’s character “Stinkerbell.”  So anyway, we’re watching one day, and Elsa says, “that’s you!”  From that day on, I was no longer Tina….I was Stinkerbell, and I don’t think she’s called me by my given name since – except when she forgets..we’re both getting up in age!  LOL!

I hope you enjoy the coming tidbits, quotes, and yes, even rants from time to time.

Peace out!


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