Mary Maryquite contrary

What a beautiful story from fellow blogger and author, Arlene Switzer Flynn!

Through the Whispering Pines

How does your garden grow?

For my friend Mary today when my story is done you might say not so well does your garden grown. I beg to differ.

I just left the emergency room after receiving a call from the EMT’s in route with my friend Mary taking her to the emergency room. She is seventy years old and had taken an awful tumble in her tiny little apartment for the disabled.

Mary and I started out together over 45 years ago. We two were both behind the snow plows and skid loaders of your future. Yes, like our grandmothers before us we were plowing the road you skip upon in your high heels controlling the board rooms of today.

Mary became a computer programer unheard of in those years of yesterday. I started a business also unheard of for a woman. We were both so successful and never…

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