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Note to Younger Self

Brad Paisley is a hell of a singer/songwriter. He can take any topic and write about it in a way that will make the listener relate and think about their own life. Case in point – his song of reflection entitled “Letter to Me.” While I was working today, this particular song came on and it got me thinking about my own letter and what I would say to my younger self if I had the chance:


1. When mom and dad get into their only fight in 47 years of marriage over a Snicker’s Bar, and mom grabs her purse and runs out – don’t worry, she WILL be back.

2. Don’t write on the wall with the red pencil you find in the end table drawer. Mom knows what you’re doing.

3. When you’re seven years old and mom tells you to pick up your toys – do it! Dad will come home to whip you with the belt – or at least scare the bejesus out of you so you pee all over the porch.

4. You are not always the good girl everyone thinks you are. Take responsibility for your mistakes.

5. Do NOT skip church and make out with your boyfriends in the Sunday School classrooms. You may fool your mom, but God sees all. (EWWWWWW)

6. Try to get along better with your brother. He’s the only one you’ll have.

7. Dad will want to go with you to buy your first bra – let him, but bring mom with you too. Yes it will be uncomfortable, but you’re his baby girl and you’re growing up. He’s proud.

8. Don’t wear that purple sparkly sweater in Junior High – you will get teased mercilessly.

9. Don’t start smoking!

10. If you go to prom in high school, go with someone you actually like.

11. On October 4, 1982, you will be intimidated by a girl in your World History class; don’t be.  Dare her to do something outrageous (like smacking the teacher on the ass for her birthday). Trust me – both your futures are worth it.

12. Don’t run away at 17 thinking you can find something better. YOU CAN’T. Realize your parents did the best with what they knew, loved you unconditionally, and you can’t get that anywhere else.

13. Tell mom and dad you love them – every day.

There are so many more things I’d want to tell my younger self – I screwed up a lot – but I think I hit the highlights.

If you could go back and time and talk to your younger self, what would you tell him or her? I’d love to hear your comments!