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The Choice to Vote

Did you vote today? I try to vote every year; however, I chose this particular election not to vote and you would think I robbed a bank and killed ten people! It started when I got into work this morning and a coworker asked me if I voted. “No,” I said. “Are you gonna?” she says. “No,” I respond. “What??!!” she screamed at me. “Well don’t be complaining if you don’t like the way things are,” she continues. Please! Thirty minutes later another coworker walked down the aisle asking, “Who over here voted?” I kept my mouth shut because frankly, I did not want to get into a freaking debate at 10:00 in the morning,

So I didn’t vote; I’m not asking for forgiveness, I’m just saying I don’t like any of the candidates and both can screw up our government equally so why bother? I know, I know, it’s my duty as a citizen to vote and if I want change, then I have to vote, we as women have earned the right, blah, blah, blah. Frankly I have my own problems to deal with and it doesn’t really matter to me with this particular election who gets voted into office and breaks the promises they made that got them there in the first place. After the Virginia scandal of Bob McDonnell and his wife, I am a bit leery of trusting any type of government official with any part of decision-making in my State, let alone my own neighborhood.

Bring me a candidate who puts paying for the needs of our elderly ahead of paying for the next State dinner or that vacation to Hawaii; one that doesn’t forget the contribution our vets made and the debt they paid to our country so that we could be free. Bring me a candidate who is worried about their city and works to help the homeless and those on the verge of losing their home. I want a candidate who puts money into the city to create jobs and opportunities for those who have none; not one who takes money out and lays off thousands of people. Bring me a candidate who knows how to listen to and implement suggestions of his constituents; not one who plasters a fake smile and then does just the opposite of what was promised. I want a candidate who takes a cue from Mariska Hargitay and believes “NO MORE” and is dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual abuse. And finally, bring me a candidate who worries about our youth and how they will survive their future – or if they will even have one. If the government spending continues to be out of control, affecting supplemental programs like disability and social security will these programs even be around if they are needed? If you can find a candidate who can successfully accomplish even one of these tasks, then we’ll talk. In the meantime, don’t give anyone grief for exercising their right NOT to vote – it is a choice – NOT a law.

Worry about the woman who threw her child off a bridge, or the teenager who was killed or maimed because he was texting and driving. Worry about the children who don’t have enough to eat or the elderly couple down the street who don’t have enough money left from their social security to pay for their medication. DON’T worry about the people around you who choose not to vote – it is their decision, not yours.