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Attention Trucks and SUV’s – Stop Blocking Our View!

I have to take the time this morning to discuss a huge pet peeve of mine. I see it every time I go out and after my experience this morning, I must continue to vent my frustration. Am I the only one that thinks trucks and SUV’s need their own parking area? How many times have you, possibly the driver of a smaller car or sedan, come out of a store to see a huge vehicle parked right next to you and dread the inevitable backing out in order to go home? Do you have the ability to see what is coming up behind you and pull out of your space safely without putting yourself or others in danger?

This morning I drove up to the store to do the weekly shopping. I was driving my mom’s car, a Toyota Corolla and I pulled into an empty space with few cars around. I went inside and bought my groceries and as I came out of the store, I couldn’t see my car. Why? Because pulled into the space next to me – despite other empty spaces nearby – was a huge red Ford truck, burying my little Corolla in the huge parking lot. I said a couple of GD’s and F*** and proceeded to put the groceries in the trunk of the car.  I got into the car and put it into reverse, and ever so carefully, touched the gas to ease out of the space.  The next thing I knew, a horn was blaring and I was slamming on my brakes!  Had I not stopped in time and been hit, the accident would have been my fault.   Now, let me ask you, how the hell am I supposed to pull out of a parking space with a freaking monster truck next to me and be expected to see what is coming up behind me??

I know from where I speak…I used to drive a Rav4 and never gave a thought to where I parked my car.  I never considered the car next to me and never cared whether or not they would have an issue pulling out.  Now that I drive a Kia, and occasionally my mom’s Toyota, I am frustrated by those drivers who don’t care about where they park, except to get the closest spot to the store.  Did it ever occur to you that where you park your vehicle could be a hazard for someone else?  I know –  you don’t care and in this world it’s every man for himself –  but take a minute to look around the next time you park your truck or SUV.  You could actually make a decision that will prevent an accident or save a life.

One final thought….to anyone that my white RAV4 may have blocked, I am sincerely sorry.  If I knew then, what I know now I would have left my car at home and walked.