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Did the Internet Kill Kindness and Tact for Good?

I know it’s been awhile since I have written, folks. I finished up with school, had a great party with friends and family, and I felt the need to take a writing break. But I’m back now! Something really lit a fire under me over the last couple of days (do they still say that?) and of course I had to put my two cents worth in.

Facebook is an awesome tool; I love keeping up to date with my friends and seeing their pictures and comments about the goings on in their lives. It makes me feel as if I am with them, even with those friends that are thousands of miles away. But this morning, I woke up and read an exchange that made me wonder if people really understand the power of their own words.

Like many of you, I belong to several groups on Facebook; everything from my favorite television shows to causes and couponing. One of the groups I belong to is an academic group and as I was perusing my timeline this morning, I came upon a discussion that took place last night among the members. After reading the 100+ comments – Wow! All I can say is WOW!

One member posted an innocent comment – a question really – asking if other members in the group had ever received emails offering “help” with assignments. The conversation started out pretty generic with others saying they had received similar emails, telling her to ignore them…pretty tame stuff…until I scrolled down and saw the firestorm that one individual created by saying things that made me cringe. I don’t know where it came from….this person had to be high as a kite or suffering from a serious case of idiocy. This individual was calling those involved in the conversation bitches, c**ts, and even said to “stab yourself with a double-edged sword.” WTH??? A member of another group about a television show posted a selfie and someone called her a “fat ass crack hoe” and said she “looked like she needed some dick.” What is wrong with you people???

Are you really so insecure that you have to attack people you don’t even know? Is your self-esteem so far in the toilet that you have to tear other people down? Come on people…grow up and treat people how you want to be treated. What if someone said the same things to your mother or sister or wife? Or father, or brother or husband? How would that make you feel? Is it really that difficult to be kind on line and post comments with class?

For those of you that need a lesson in online etiquette, remember the following:
• Do not post anything you would not want said to you
• There are real people on the other end of that keyboard, so remember their feelings
• If you do not agree with someone, do not respond right away. Step away and come back to it.
• There is no need for name-calling. You are supposedly an adult and should know a better way to get your point across.
• If you can’t do any of the above, then keep your comments to yourself.
I have left the aforementioned groups; mainly because I have no time for drama and cannot stand to see other people react in such a negative way to people they have never met. Makes me wonder how they treat the people in their own life.