Today’s Poem

Every once in awhile, a little ditty will pop in my head.  This one appeared yesterday.  Enjoy!

Random Feelings

I woke up this morning and got out of bed
I am lucky
I enjoyed morning coffee with mom
I am grateful
I felt the love of my cats
I am blessed
I made it to work safely
I am thankful
Not a lot to do here
I am bored
The morning drags on
I am frustrated
My lunch falls on the floor
I am angry
The afternoon drags on
I am sleepy
I trip and fall on the way to my car
I am embarrassed
I sit in traffic on the way home
I am irritated
I arrive home safely
I am thankful
I have afternoon coffee with mom
I am grateful
My cats run to me as I climb the stairs
I am blessed
I do schoolwork while mom plays
I am content
I climb into bed at night
I am loved.


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