Life by the ‘Size of the Bowl’

Through the Whispering Pines

Blackberry Pie !!

When I was a child of eight years there were bushes of blackberry plants that grew along the left side of the fence of my Grandmothers garden. They were plumb and juicy and I could just taste the sweetness of a wonderful Blackberry Pie rolling around in my mind.
“I’ll pick the berries if you make the pie Grandma.” “Not today little one, she replied I’m just not feeling well enough to roll the dough and besides it has gotten too difficult for me to do things from my wheel chair anymore.”
Being an impatient as well as  curious I had watched her make many a pie before the really old age part had come for her. Now my turn to do for her came into my heart as well as my want of a Blackberry Pie.
I remember her always measuring everything before she began into…

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