Switched by R.L. Stine

As an avid, obsessed, compulsive reader, every once in a while I’ll share a review of a book I’ve recently read. Good or bad, I’ll let you know whether it’s worth the money to buy or download. Don’t be shy…I’d love to hear your feedback!

If you are a fan of suspense, I highly recommend R.L. Stine. the stories are good, and although his books are geared more towards the younger adult, it is a good, quick read when you need some suspense.

Switched is set on Fear Street, the location that Stine has chosen for this particular genre.  It is the story of two best friends, Nicole and Lucy, each believing the other’s life is better than their own.  Nicole feels like a loser, as she feels Lucy is prettier, has a cute boyfriend, and an overall better life.  But all that changes one night when they find themselves at a the Great Wall on Fear Street, a landmark in town filled with legend and superstition.   The story goes that it has magical powers allowing two people to switch bodies and live for a time as the other.   (cue the theme from the Twilight Zone….)

Nicole is surprised that night as Lucy – the girl with seemingly everything suggests they give it a try.  Why would Lucy want to live my boring life?  But Nicole agrees, figuring the whole thing was a stupid superstition and could be good for a few laughs.  But what she didn’t count on was the switch actually working and that the life she thought Lucy had was all a lie, and Lucy is planning revenge – with the help of Nicole’s body!

I actually LOVED this book!  The storyline and dialogue really makes the reader wonder what is coming next; trust me, you will not put this book down. I did feel a bit cheated by the ending after all nail-biting I did, even at 3:00 in the morning when I finished. LOL…However, it was definitely worth the ride!

SB 8/28/14


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